C360 Acid/Corrosive Storage Cabinet


60 Gal. Storage Capacity

Smart Certified Safety Cabinet
  Self-Close, Self-Latch Safe-T-Door
Dim: 67"H x 31"W x 31"D
Approx. 418 Lbs. Ship Weight
No. of Shelves: 2


  OSHA - Complies with current OSHA regulations
  FM - Factory Mutual Approved
  NFPA - Designed in accordance with specifications set forth by the National Fire Protection Association

The leak tight sump and shelves of the cabinet are equipped with removable corrosive-resistant polyethylene trays to contain accidental spills. Acid Cabinets are finished in corrosive-resistant blue urethane paint. Large warning label reads: "CAUTION CORROSIVES". Or choose your own special message or wording.

** Cabinet by itself is not recommended for the storage of Nitric or Sulfuric Acids unless used in conjunction with PE3045 Polyethylene Cabinet.

One year limited warranty on all parts and accessories installed by the manufacturer at time of purchase. 15 year structural warranty from the date of delivery to the initial purchaser.

Click below to learn How to Operate a SECURALL 300-Series Self-Closing Cabinet
How to Operate a SECURALL 300-Series Self-Closing Cabinet

Additional Shelf

C3-05 Addn'l Shelf; Capacity: 500 lbs. per shelf, Approx shelf dim: 27 11/16 W X 26 1/2 D, Approx Ship Wt. 9-lbs.

Caster Assembly

CA31 Caster Assembly (Factory Installed); 2 Rigid, 2 Swivel; Adds 4" to Height of cabinet; Approx Ship Wt. 35 Lbs.

Cabinet Venting

Vent - Optional 2" vent with flash arrestor and bung plug for optional venting. Contact your local authority having jurisdiction for venting regulations in your area.

EXM200 - Explosion Proof Exhaust Blower & Motor; 1/2 H.P.; Approx Ship Wt. 50 Lbs.

FGH200 - Galvanized Flexible Hose Assembly for Exhaust Blower; 15' Long, Approx Ship Wt. 21 Lbs.

Cabinet Grounding & Bonding

Cabinet Grounding & Bonding; Approx Ship wt. 1 Lbs
IGW1 - Insulating Grounding Wire only
IGW3 - Insulating Grounding Wire with 1 clips
IGW5 - Insulating Grounding Wire with 2 clips
IGW7 - Insulating Grounding Wire with C clamp and clip
BAW2 - Flexible Bonding Wire only
BAW4 - Flexible Bonding Wire with 1 clip
BAW6 - Flexible Bonding Wire with 2 clips
BAW8 - Flexible Bonding Wire with C clamp and clip