Customer Service Representative Position

A Customer Service Representative is responsible for establishing and maintaining profitable relationships with customers on behalf of the company by taking personal and complete responsibility for each customer contact and by ensuring that all customer requirements are completely met.

As a Customer Service Representative, you serve as the primary internal representative of our organization, you must convey to the customer a sense of expertise in our different product lines. A CSR is also responsible for communicating customer requirements to the production team, in accordance with company policies and procedures.

You are accountable for meeting the monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue and sales goals of the company. These in turn are essential in meeting all company goals:

  • Guarantee satisfaction and value for our customers.
  • Contribute to a work environment that fosters pride in being part of a winning team and promotes personal growth.
  • Maintain personal productivity and quality standards that make possible attractive financial returns so that the company may continue to provide excellent service to our customers and ensure job security and career growth to our staff.
  • You are responsible for supporting the company vision and mission. Because you will be in contact with current and prospective customers, and you are in a strong position to influence their satisfaction and our company prosperity, this position requires tact, sensitivity, and professionalism.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • The number 1 goal is converting quotes into orders to meet company daily goals.
  • Comply with all work rules and regulations.
  • Compile and maintain all required paperwork, records, and documents.
  • Maintain departmental housekeeping standards.
  • Communicate effectively with Managers/Owners, the Sales Team, and the Production Team, informing and updating them regularly to guarantee that sales and customer objectives are met.

Website Promotion Specialist

Job Description:
Specialists are charged with creating a promotional strategy used to generate consumer buzz and emphasize product traits that appeal to consumer needs. To assist in attracting consumers to a company's website, you may need to collaborate with other company divisions to devise product incentive programs. As a website promotion specialist, you may be required to improve promotion strategies by studying strategies from related companies, anticipate consumer needs and trends, increase website traffic, and analyze return on investments.

Required Skills:

To be successful in this career, you need to understand how to layout marketing banners, maximize marketing revenue, and develop marketing economic strategies. You may also need to have skills in business, search engine manipulation, digital marketing campaign establishment, consumer behavior tracking, basic website design techniques, and understanding Web analytic reports. As a specialist, you also need to be familiar with social networking websites, marketing campaigns, and analyzing consumer response to advertising campaigns.

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